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W-26, Greater Kailash - II, New Delhi - 110 048 .
Tel: +91-11-41437519, 29221660
Welcome to the Institute of Indian Interior Designers - Delhi Regional Chapter
The Institute of Indian Interior Designers (IIID) is the only apex body for the field of Interior Design in India. It is a professional body of over 5000 of the leading interior designers, architects, consultants and specifiers from the Interior Design and related fields, all over India. IIID has 19 chapters / centres in the country and is a member of International Federation of Interior Architects and Designers (IFI) and Asia Pacific Space Designers Association (APSDA).

IIID Delhi Regional Chapter looks after all activities for Delhi / New Delhi / National Capital Region of Delhi (NCR) along with all adjoining states, including but not restricted to, Uttar Pradesh, Haryana, Punjab, Madhya Pradesh, Uttaranchal, Himachal Pradesh, etc.   


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To consolidate and expand the contribution of the design profession towards improv- ving the quality of life in contemporary and future societies by the sharing and development of knowledge experience & responsibilities.


Office : W-26, Greater Kailash - II, New Delhi - 110 048, India
Tel : +91-11-41437519, 29221660

Contact Person : Hemant Sud (Jt. Secretary - IIID-DRC)    
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